TaHoma Toolkit

The all-in-one solution for commissioning the TaHoma switch and connected Somfy products

Use the Somfy TaHoma Toolkit as an instrument for commissioning as well as for presenting the easy-to-use TaHoma switch smart home control to your customers on site.
<strong>TaHoma Toolkit </strong>

TaHoma Toolkit

Our compact TaHoma Toolkit includes everything you need to install Somfy products at your customer’s location as efficiently as possible: a high-quality outdoor protective case, a TaHoma switch, a power bank, a portable connector and a quick guide for installation. The TaHoma pro app also lets you use the TaHoma switch as a standalone tool to guide you through the commissioning process. Benefits for installers:

✓ Simple & intuitive commissioning and set-up for Somfy products

✓ Turn the TaHoma switch into a standalone installation kit (in combination with TaHoma pro app)

✓ Configure and manage connected devices with speed and reliability

✓ Safe transport thanks to the high-quality outdoor protective case

Before first use it is recommended to connect the TaHoma switch to WIFI and update the software of TaHoma switch to the latest version for the most up to date support of features and functions. Further it is recommended regularly updating your TaHoma switch as well as the TaHoma pro app.

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TaHoma Pro App

TaHoma Pro App

Easy commissioning, every time! In combination with the TaHoma pro app, you have the perfect tool for commissioning Somfy products at your customer’s location. The TaHoma pro mobile app lets you easily commission your installations in a fraction of the time. Connect, configure, set motors and pair controls, all from your smartphone to deliver a smooth and seamless installation.
To the TaHoma pro app

The TaHoma Toolkit ensures easy, seamless commissioning, every time


In combination with the Tahoma pro app, you can quickly and easily commission the TaHoma switch box, pair and set Somfy products.


Thanks to the WiFi function of the Tahoma switch and the power bank included in the TaHoma Toolkit, you can work completely self-sufficiently: no need for a mains power supply or wired internet connection.


Present the easy-to-use TaHoma switch smart home control to your customers on site.

How to commission Somfy products with the TaHoma Toolkit