Somfy Expert program

Our support for your success

Advantages of the Somfy Expert program

  • Somfy Experts are listed at the top of the Somfy Dealer Locator with the Somfy Expert logo.  As a result, you are more likely to be seen by consumers in your area looking for products you supply.
  • With more than 50 years of experience and more than 100 million installed Somfy motors, we are together with you, our Somfy Experts, the reliable and trusted choice for the consumer.
  • As a Somfy Expert you will receive exclusive store materials, showroom samples and specific campaigns and promotions to boost your sales.

Become and stay a Somfy Expert

With the Somfy Expert program, your Account Manager will provide full training on the Somfy product range to enable you to sell Somfy solutions in the right way even more successfully. We do this by supporting you in improving the technical and commercial skills of your team, so that you can distinguish yourself from the competition.

Somfy will provide in-house training for your team, develop campaigns and promotions, provide marketing materials and help you attract and retain consumers for the future.


Motorised Blinds

Electric Curtain Tracks


Garage doors

Rolling Garage doors

Roller Shutters

Smart Home

Somfy promise to you


Promotion of the Somfy brand name through various media channels and communication campaigns.


Provide training so that you are always aware of the latest technical and commercial developments.

Exclusive Use

Exclusive use of the Somfy Expert logo in-store and for your website.

Somfy Website / Dealer Locator

Somfy Experts are listed first on the dealer locator with the Somfy Expert logo, so that you are given greater exposure.

Your Showroom

Somfy Expert logo for your showroom, shop window, or entrance. Discount on Somfy showroom products. Somfy showroom training and advice. Product literature. Promotion gifts.

Your Company Vehicle

Somfy Expert stickers for your company van and car(s).

Your Somfy Knowledge

Installation training in showroom or on-site, including a certificate with priority given to Somfy Experts.

Somfy Account Manager

Your experienced account manager is a valuable resource in the field of Somfy products, training, and website advice. Business support that can offer product specification guidance, project pricing, market knowledge, and troubleshooting visits.


Somfy Expert promise to Somfy

You actively sell end products with Somfy in the following product groups

  • Motorised Blinds
  • Electric Curtain Tracks
  • Awnings
  • (Rolling) garage Doors
  • Roller Shutters
  • Smart Home


The sales of the above product groups should be at least 80% Somfy brand.

Your showroom

Your showroom promotes the Somfy brand in-store with the Expert logo on the front door or window.

All showroom staff can present Somfy solutions in a professional, knowledgeable, and confident way. You can identify the needs of the consumer and match them with a Somfy solution.

Upsell and maximize sales by adopting a motorisation-focused sales approach over manual sales.

Your showroom should be a showcase for Somfy products and have up-to-date fully working demonstration products for consumers to see and experience.

Your company vehicles

Apply Somfy Expert stickers to your company van and car(s).

Your Somfy knowledge

You will actively take responsibility to understand what Somfy training is required in your business and request it.

You will ensure all staff are kept up to date with new Somfy products and innovations.

Your website

Your website features a Somfy motorised section.

It displays the Somfy Expert logo and uses the latest digital promotional content.

Somfy should feature in the sections relating to all the product categories listed on our dealer locator.

Become an Somfy Expert

How does this work? Fill in the form below and a Somfy Account Manager will contact you to discuss the conditions and criteria. Together it will be determined which product groups you are eligible for, now and/or in the future, and what is needed for this.