The Somfy Virtual Showroom

It's free, easy to use, and helps you initiate conversations with your customers while helping to upsell and increase order values. Use the Somfy Virtual Showroom face-to-face (in-store or on-site), and add to your website or quotations.

With the Somfy Virtual Showroom, your customers can explore options for all types of motorised blinds and curtains and the ways to control these. This powerful tool will help you create meaningful customer experiences and drive sales with ease!

The Somfy Virtual Showroom

  • demonstrates all types of blinds in action
  • Configure blinds in various room settings
  • Features and benefits tailored for different rooms
  • Select blind type and colour
  • Use the virtual control to select and operate the blinds


  • See the various controls and experience how they work
  • Images to choose handset type and colour
  • Option to select Smoove wall switch
  • App control with Tahoma
  • Voice Control
Somfy virtual showroom

How to use the Virtual Showroom in your sales pitch

With the Somfy Virtual Showroom, you can show your customer various blind options, colour options, fabric opacity, controls and more. This helps to visualize to product to your customer. You can open the Somfy Virtual Showroom in a browser on a tablet and make a link to it on the desktop of the tablet. Click here for instructions on how to do this.

The Somfy Virtual Showroom will also work if you are disconnected from the internet, as necessary data is automatically downloaded to the tablet. Once you have an internet connection again, any updates will be automatically installed, so you always have the most up-to-date version.

At the bottom of the Somfy Virtual Showroom, you find the menu option ‘Offline Mode’ with instructions on how to install it on an Apple or Android tablet.

How to use the Virtual Showroom in your shop

We will soon send you more information and an offer for a display with a tablet to use the Somfy Virtual Showroom in your store.

Somfy virtual showroom

Please help me to publish the Somfy virtual showroom on my website

Add the Somfy Virtual Showroom to your website and make visitors experience motorised blinds and curtains themselves. All benefits and options are explained, so they are informed about all options and possibilities. This will help you selling more motorised products and increase your order value.

The customer number can be found in the webshop account menu of on our invoices