FAQ TaHoma switch Scalability Solution

What is the procedure for replacing a TaHoma V2 with a TaHoma Switch?

You need to reinstall the whole setup from scratch if you are replacing a TaHoma V2 with a TaHoma Switch.

Will I still have a web interface for controlling my house?

No, we have focused on developing the TaHoma moble app. 

Will the current version of the TaHoma app remain available? What about Conexoon apps?

Yes, the current TaHoma app will remain in the stores under the usual TaHoma name; we're keeping it because the TaHoma V1 fleet will only be compatible with this version. The TaHoma V2 and...

Will the TaHoma Switch remain compatible with RTD sensors?

We will not have a dongle when launching the TaHoma Switch expanding its compatibilities. However, we are working on a solution to achieve these compatibilities. 

Will there be mobile app continuity for the TaHoma V2 Boxes?

All of the installed TaHoma V2 fleet will migrate to the new TaHoma mobile app.

Can we launch SMART functions from RTD opening and/or presence sensors?

As this function won't be compatible at launch with the RTD sensor range, it will not be available. However, we are working on a solution to enable this scalability.