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Where can I find the TaHoma QR code?

To find the QR code of TaHoma switch and TaHoma V2, you must look under the box. For TaHoma DIN-Rail, the QR code is in front of the box.

I can't scan the TaHoma QR code, how can I do it?

If you are unable to register the TaHoma by scanning the QR code, you also have the possibility to enter manually the PIN code, by entering the 12-digit code located on the TaHoma.

The registration procedure has changed, we don't need to fill in the customer's email anymore?

The TaHoma Pro application no longer requires your customer's email address. You now have the option to fill in the customer's first and last name, and also fill in project site information for a...

Can I continue to register boxes on the Somfypro website?

You can continue to register boxes on the Somfy Pro website. If you register boxes via the application or the website, all the boxes registered will appear in your list.

Can I assign a customer TaHoma already activated?

When a customer TaHoma is already activated, you can still assign this TaHoma to your Pro account, directly from the TaHoma Pro application, but as well as from Serv-e-go. All you need is the PIN...

There is no Internet on the construction site or at my customer's, can I still set up the TaHoma ?

If there is no Internet connection available, you can still set up a TaHoma with a local connection. However, it is preferable to be connected to the internet to have access to all features.

How do I remove a customer installation from my list?

To remove a customer installation from your list, please refer to the relevant customer box. Access the installation details and then delete the installation at the bottom of the page.