This quality motor is easy to integrate. It can be set up via the network with the RS485 controller, and it gives visual feedback to confirm the settings and programming. The very thin white round head blends in perfectly, and the different colour options for the head covers, white-black-grey, make it easy to adapt to the surrounding decor. The motor is available in different torques; 3, 6 and 9 Nm. It is compatible with Somfy’s Animeo control range, but can also be connected to third party controls. 

The Sonesse 40 RS485 offers daily convenience and comfort for your customers, as it operates their blinds effortlessly and quietly.

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Sonesse 40 RS485 controlled motors

19-Dec-2022 Product update

The latest contribution to Somfy’s broad range of digital and RS485 controlled motors is called Sonesse 40 RS485. Our range of Sonesse 40 WT and RTS is the most used motor for roller blinds and screens in commercial projects. This latest addition to the Sonesse 40 motors is compatible with the same hardware, crowns, drives and brackets as the existing motors. It offers the same low noise and smooth handling, and it adds the features of the RS485 based control systems.