FAQ TaHoma Switch Hard / Compat

Up to how many devices and scenarios can I configure with the TaHoma Switch?

The TaHoma Switch can connect up to 200 devices and programme up to 40 different scenarios.

What happens to my TaHoma Switch if the internet stops working?

Without internet, you cannot use the TaHoma app's remote control.  However, the set calendar continues as scheduled. You can also control your setup from your individual control points or via...

Is the geolocation function integrated into the TaHoma Switch?

The geolocation function is not natively integrated into the TaHoma Switch. However, you can activate this function via IFTTT.

What functions are available with partner products?

All the functions available with partners are listed in the compatibility table.

What is the procedure for replacing a TaHoma V2 with a TaHoma Switch?

You need to reinstall the whole setup from scratch if you are replacing a TaHoma V2 with a TaHoma Switch.

What internet speed do I need for my TaHoma Switch to work properly?

A TaHoma Switch doesn't need fast internet to work properly. Adding video cameras however matters for calibrating the minimum bit rate.

Can my customer reset their device?

Yes, your customers can reset their device themselves.